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Sermons are based around words that the preacher believes God wants to bring to the church.

If you are having difficulty downloading and listening to sermons or viewing the powerpoints please click here for some suggestions.

Please note: not all sermons are recorded.

Date Sermon download
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Additional Material
01 Aug2021 am Pauline - Gods call to leadership
25 Jul2021 am Fran and Dave - Mission
18 Jul2021 am Alistair Sanders - Cornelius the Centurion, the unexpected convert
11 Jul2021 am Fran - The acts of the early church - Set apart for mission
04 Jul2021 am Tricia The acts of the early church - Scattered by persecution
27 Jun2021 am Alistair Sanders - The acts of the early church - With Signs and Wonders
20 Jun2021 am Neil - The acts of the early church - Holding everything in common
13 Jun2021 am Kevin - Being a people of influence - Meeting together
06 Jun2021 am Tricia - Gods Heart is for the poor and needy
30 May2021 am Ceri - Influencing the Church
23 May2021 am Tricia - Being a people of influence - In the Workplace
16 May2021 am Pauline - Sunday sermon
02 May2021 am Fran - Sunday sermon
25 Apr2021 am Angie - Gifts of the Holy Spirit part 3 Powerpoint
18 Apr2021 am Pauline - Gifts of the Holy Spirit
11 Apr2021 am Steve - What are the Gifts
04 Apr2021 am Doug and Ceri - Easter Sunday
28 Mar2021 am Tricia - It’s not all that it seems
21 Mar2021 am Will Andrews - Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead
14 Mar2021 am Tricia - The Samaritan Woman

Technical help

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The sermons are in common standards, MP3 and MP4, and are playable using a variety of players including the free Apple Quicktime player which can be installed here.

If they don’t play straight off the website having installed Quicktime, then right click the sermon, chose “save target as” and save the sermon to somewhere on the computer. Either doubleclicking the downloaded file, or right clicking it and choosing “open with” and “Quicktime” should do the trick.

Powerpoints, word documents, etc

Some people are finding that they cannot open documents downloaded from the website. This is because the church has standardised on Office 2007 which saves documents by default as .docx/.pptx/xlsx whereas older versions of Office save them as .doc/.ppt/.xls (OpenOffice 3.0 handles .docx files as standard).

There is a solution offered by Microsoft, which is to install the free compatibility pack to their older version of Office, it can be found here. This will work for Office 2000 and Office 2003. If you have an older version of Office then please email the church and we will do our best to provide a compatible document.

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